Pastor Leslie R. Walker

Speaking Engagement Request

Pastor Leslie R. Walker (Pastor Les) is the compassionate, loving Senior Pastor and Founder of Victorious Word Christian Center (V.W.C.C.). The ministry focus of V.W.C.C. is to build, expand and encourage the Kingdom of God while loving and serving those in need. Pastor Walker’s ministry operates in the demonstration of the five-fold ministry gifts and dynamic illustrative teaching. The core message of Victorious Word is gaining victory and momentum thru faith and God’s word.

Pastor Walker was born again in 1981. In 1990, Pastor Walker was called to ministry through a prophetic confirmation by Mother Estella Boyd during a revival. God began to develop Pastor Walker into the pastoral office, under the direction and leadership of the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks, Pastor of Shalom Temple Pentecostal Church. Pastor Walker served on the Ministerial Alliance and Trustee Board while attending Shalom Temple.

In 1996 after being led, Pastor Walker and his family joined Perfecting Church under the leadership of Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans. Pastor Walker served on the Ministerial Alliance where he received formal training. Pastor Walker was elevated through his faithfulness as the Director of Perfecting Overcomers department; his compassion and love for the drug-addicted and bound is still evident today. In 1999, Pastor Walker was ordained as an Elder and in 2003 a Pastor. Bishop-Elect Winans prophesied that he saw five Pastors. Pastor Walker as one of the five was then instructed to make his calling and election sure.

Pastor Walker was born and raised in the city of Detroit. In Pastor Walker’s younger years, he surrounded himself around the wrong crowd. Influenced by illegal activity and violence, Pastor Walker was engaged in a street gang and named as its leader “the Negotiator”. Pastor Walker was raised from his teen years by his best friend late Timothy Lloyd’s mother, Reverend Fannie Lloyd. During this time in Pastor Walker’s life, he began to turn his life around. Pastor Walker disassociated himself with the street gang and began to serve God. God had a plan for Pastor Walker despite his poor choices as his natural talent of being able to negotiate has enabled him to intercede for souls and win souls to Christ.

Pastor Walker envisioned a ministry to love the unloved, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, house the homeless, father the fatherless and build disciples. Being sent, Pastor Walker developed Victorious Word Christian Center, a non-denominational church for all people. Pastor Walker is a profound and practical teacher of the Word of God who is passionate about teaching biblical faith principles to empower the people of God. Pastor Walker is dedicated to a worship experience that is conducive to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Under the leadership of Pastor Walker, the members of V.W.C.C. have risen to new levels of faith, discipleship and personal spiritual growth.

Pastor Walker and his wife, First Lady Ernestina Walker, have been married for 29 years and share three beautiful children. Pastor and First Lady Walker credit much of their success to the teaching and mentoring of their spiritual parents, the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks and Bishop I.V. and Dr. Bridget Hilliard. Pastor Walker also credits the mentoring of his big spiritual brother and sister, Bishop Ben and Dr. Charisse Gibert.