First Lady Walker

First Lady Ernestina Walker (Lady E.) is the zealous, benevolent, nurturing First Lady and Co-Founder of Victorious Word Christian Center (V.W.C.C.). The ministry focus of V.W.C.C. is to build, expand and encourage the Kingdom of God while loving and serving those in need. Lady E.’s ministry operates in the demonstration of the prophetic gift, intercessory prayer and dynamic illustrative teaching. The core message of Victorious Word is gaining victory and momentum thru faith and God’s word.

Lady E. was born again in 1981. In 1998 God began to prepare Lady E. for the ministry call of Pastor Les Walker. While attending Shalom Temple Pentecostal Church and under the leadership of the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks, Lady E. taught Children’s Church and organized outside activities.  Lady E. was nurtured (spiritually) by Mother Estella Boyd and Mother Gertrude Stacks.

In 1996 Lady E. and her family joined Perfecting Church under the leadership of Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans. Lady E. served in the Children’s department as the Activities Coordinator for Children’s Church and the Team Leader for Perfecting Care. Lady E. would occasionally help distribute food to the disadvantaged, create and distribute food baskets. Assisting her husband with the Overcomers department, Lady E. organized various events, ministered to the deprived and was the Treasurer. In 2003 Lady E.’s husband was ordained as a Pastor and was instructed to make his calling and election sure.

A graduate of Murray Wright High School, Lady E. was born and raised in the city of Detroit. Although Lady E. always had a desire to go to church, she was not raised in church. Lady E. started attending Greater Grace Temple (once she got older) for a total of two months before getting saved. Ida Mae Barnes, Lady E.’s God mother who was saved would always pray for her and taught her to pray. God’s plan for Lady E. despite her background of not always knowing Him has enabled her to intercede for souls and win souls to Christ. Lady E. has always desired to labor behind the scenes. Lady E. is dedicated to laying on her face seeking God for instruction, direction and a word for others.

Currently, Lady E. assists her husband, Pastor Walker, Senior Pastor of Victorious Word Christian Center a non-denominational church for all people, where she founded the Woman Within women’s ministry. A Woman Within is a character-based ministry designed to teach, empower and encourage women in the area of excellence. Lady E. like Pastor Walker envisioned a ministry to love the unloved, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, house the homeless, mother the motherless and build disciples. Lady E. is a profound and practical teacher of the Word of God who is passionate about teaching biblical faith principles to empower the people of God. Lady E. is dedicated to a worship experience that is conducive to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Under the leadership of Lady E., the members of V.W.C.C. have risen to new levels of faith, discipleship and personal spiritual growth.

First Lady Walker and her husband, Pastor Leslie Walker, have been married for 29 years and share three beautiful children. First Lady and Pastor Walker credit much of their success to the teaching and mentoring of their spiritual parents, the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks and Bishop I.V. and Dr. Bridget Hilliard. First Lady Walker also credits the mentoring of her big spiritual brother and sister, Bishop Ben and Dr. Charisse Gibert.