About V.W.C.C.

Pastor Les and Lady E. envisioned a ministry to love the unloved, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, house the homeless, parent the parentless and build disciples. Both Pastor Les and Lady E. are profound and practical teachers of the Word of God.


Being sent, Pastor Les developed Victorious Word Christian Center, a non denominational church for all people. Pastor Les and Lady E. are both dedicated to a worship experience that is conducive to the presence of the Holy Spirit under the leadership of Praise and Worship Leader, Elect Lady Sherae Martin . The core message of Victorious Word is gaining victory and momentum thru faith and God’s Word.


Under the leadership of Pastor Les and Lady E., the members of V.W.C.C. have risen to new levels of faith, discipleship and personal spiritual growth. Pastor Les and Lady E. attribute much of their success to the teaching/mentoring of their spiritual parents, the late Bishop Jesse T. Stacks, Bishop I.V. and Dr. Bridget Hilliard and big spiritual brother and sister, Bishop Ben and Dr. Charisse Gibert. Pastor Les and Lady E. have been married for 29 years and share three beautiful children.